Stress intensity and fatigue crack propagation calculators

On-line calculators are redefining preliminary and detail engineering design.

Stress intensity determination for common configurations

Stress intensity formulations are taken from various sources. In each case, a reference to the original source is provided. Follow the link to the index of stress intensities, fill in the required information and the results will be presented to you in the browser. Linear elastic fractue mechanics is assumed in all cases. The ASTM plastic constraint factor is provided so that the user can evaluate whether the results are valid based on the assumed sample size and crack size. Each of the stress intensity formulations have additional geometric restrictions. Most of these restrictions are listed.

Fatigue Crack Propagation Estimation

Fatigue crack propagation can be calculated for a fixed stress intensity formulation. The flaw size is calculated iteratively so that the stress intensity is allowed to increase as the flaw size increases. The total number of cycles is limited to 10,000. LEFM is assumed.

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